Professional Development Luncheon

Digital Marketing in 2018 and Beyond

Making Communications Experts Indispensable

The Art of Storytelling in Proposals & Grants

Drones for Video & Photography: A Dream Come True for Creatives

7 Biggest Mistakes in Online Reputation Management

A Perfect Storm: Preparing For Crisis Communications

Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner in a Millennial Age

"Reaching a Mass Audience in a Micro Media World"

"Are You Smarter Than An Algorithm?"

Taking the Plunge: Lessons Learned in Entrepreneurism

How Oklahoma's premier healthcare facility uses storytelling to position its image

April Luncheon: Best marketing, communication practices for reaching OKC's growing Hispanic community

March Luncheon: Moderated Table Topics: Learn some best practices in a variety of industry topics

February Luncheon: Light, Cameras and Action: Learn How To Shoot Video and Take Photographs Like a Pro

January Luncheon: From the Public to Politics: Polling in Preparation for the Oklahoma State Legislative Session

Rebranding a Downtown District

Communicating with Your Legislator

December Luncheon: From Black and White to Bits and Bytes: The Evolution of the Newspaper Business

November Luncheon: A Strategic Approach in Nonprofit Communications

October Luncheon: Stories Taking Flight

September Luncheon: The Measure of a Plan

Tribe Building: The Best Way to Achieve Market Dominance

Measurement in Communications

Communication -- Finding the On/Off Switch

October Luncheon: OKC-ing Is Believing

Myths of Creativity with David Burkus

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