Peer Recognition

Image of 2014 Bronze Quill Awards winners

IABC Central Oklahoma will not be offering the Bronze Quill Awards program in 2016. We have set some strategic goals to better serve our members in the coming year, and we want to ensure those goals remain our first priority.

However, there is still an opportunity for awards recognition! IABC also hosts the Silver Quill (regional) and Gold Quill (international) awards. Members, non-members and students are all eligible to enter the Southern Regional Silver Quill Awards, even without having entered a Bronze Quill. Stay tuned for more information about the Silver Quill Call for Entries. Click here to see more about IABC Southern Region Silver Quill.

The Bronze Quill Awards Banquet recognizes excellent communications work in the Greater Oklahoma City area. The regional peer-review process for entries submitted for the annual Bronze Quill Awards ensures that all are judged by our professional peers in reciprocal IABC chapters. Each entry is judged against a set of strict standards as set by IABC and the comments from judges are valuable for professional growth and development. Awards of Excellence are given to those that have exhibited communications excellence in one of our three divisions: Communications Management, Communications Skills or Communications Creative.

Top Reasons to Enter:

  1. Justify a raise; increase your budget. Equip yourself with a compelling example of what you can do before you ask for money.
  2. Broaden your expertise.  Use the process to highlight areas for improvement or to refine your strategic thought process.
  3. Raise the bar.  Take your work to the next level. Set your sights on something higher.
  4. Increase your confidence.  Prove to yourself—and company leaders or clients—that your work is exceptional.
  5. Enhance our profession.  Boost the profile and perception of communication. Tell the world that our work is about adding value to business and getting bottom-line results.
  6. Enjoy the accomplishment.  You’ve worked hard. Celebrate your efforts. Bask in the glow of peer recognition.
  7. Inspire your team.  Bring them together to produce a show-stopping project. Share the glory when it’s complete.
  8. Be a leader in your community.  Whether that community is local or global, virtual or real-life, you can show your leadership qualities with a well-honed entry.
  9. Overcome the doubts.  You can measure what you do — even in social media. The Bronze Quill Awards give you the framework to present the evidence.

What some of our Community Leaders say about entering Bronze Quill:

“Have the right approach for entering. Entering Bronze Quill is for personal and professional development and the development of your organization. Bronze Quill awards are NOT to crush the other guy.” – Kyle Golding, Chief Strategic Idealist, The Golding Group

“Know the difference between strategy and tactics, when you are doing your projects and when you are submitting entries.” – Rachel Wagner, Senior Manager – Global Associate Communications, Walmart Stores, Inc.

“Bronze Quill entry allows you to look at your projects and really see what you accomplished in the previous year.” John McLaughlin, Account Executive, Jones Public Relations

“Bronze Quill entries change your mindset. You see and approach projects in a more aware and strategic way. Bronze Quill really helps you develop yourself as a professional.” – Rachel Wagner, Senior Manager – Global Associate Communications, Walmart Stores, Inc.

“When starting something for a client, ask questions, even silly ones to get the info you need. People know more than they realize.” – Kyle Golding, Chief Strategic Idealist, The Golding Group