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Now accepting applications for mentees and mentors for the 2021 mentorship program, which will kick off with a virtual event in December and run through June. This will be primarily a virtual mentorship program with meetings conducted via video call. 

Our mentorship program is open to all current members of IABC Central Oklahoma who are looking to connect and grow as professionals.

The goal of our mentorship program is to pair high-level communicator mentors and entry- or mid-level communicator mentees to provide industry-specific guidance, networking and learning opportunities.

Program Benefits

Benefits for the mentee can include:

  • Assistance with resumes, networking opportunities and interview/job hunting skills for student mentees
  • Growth in specific skill sets (writing, business development, leadership, etc.) through encouragement and guidance from an experienced communicator
  • Short-term guidance and feedback for a communication-based project or award entry
  • Long-term support, advice and accountability for career planning and advancement

Benefits for the mentor can include:

  • Opportunity to hone leadership skills while helping a young professional grow in their career
  • Keeping skills sharp by discussing communications strategy and tactics
  • Helping advance the profession of communications

Program Expectations

All participants in the IABC Central Oklahoma mentorship program, both mentors and mentees, must be current members of the International Association of Business Communicators.

Not a member but interested in participating? Join the Central Oklahoma chapter of IABC today here: Annual dues for professional members are $289. Student members may join for the discounted student rate of $49.

Mentorship is a mutually beneficial partnership through which both parties have the opportunity to learn and grow. Regular meetings between mentor and mentee can be used to work on developing specific skills and overall professional growth, all guided by the mentee’s and mentor’s goals for participating in the program.

Our program offers some flexibility in execution, but we ask that both mentees and mentors commit to full participation for six months. That includes:

  • Meeting at least monthly for duration of mentorship. Due to COVID-19, these meetings will occur primarily via video conference, but a mentor/mentee pairing may choose to meet in person if preferred.
  • Commitment to attend at least one mentorship program group event (kickoff event or wrap-up event).
  • Maintaining open communication between mentee/mentor with timely responses to questions asked via email or phone between monthly meetings. In general, we encourage responses within two or three business days.

IABC’s Career Roadmap

IABC defines four career levels in its career roadmap, which will be integrated into our mentorship program. They are:

Foundation: This is the entry level of the profession. At this milestone the professional is expected to contribute under relatively close supervision and direction from a more senior person, and is expected to exercise initiative and creativity within a well-defined area. They must master basic and routine communication tasks, and demonstrate competence on a portion of a larger communication project or task.

Generalist/Specialist: At this level the communication professional branches into a role with either a specific or a generalist focus, where work experience provides opportunities for a more strategic and problem-solving approach. The communication professional will apply a deeper understanding and practice of the Principles of Communication.

Strategic Adviser: Maturing as a communication professional though consistent application of the Principles of Communication, at this milestone they are expanding expertise and innovation. The communication professional assumes increased responsibilities, including resource management. They are interdependent, taking responsibility for work other than their own and developing others within the organization.

Business Leader: The communication professional at this milestone demonstrates the ability to serve at a senior peer level, leads within an organization by providing counsel, and helps to set organizational direction at a strategic level. They set a standard for application of the Principles of Communication. As business leader, they play a key role in shaping the future of the organization by sponsoring promising people, programs and ideas.

Please read the descriptions above and note where you currently fall on the career roadmap, as you’ll be asked on the application.

Ready to get matched with mentor or mentee? Submit your application today.